Dan Henry - 352 FOTO

We provide beautiful, professional and affordable boutique wedding and portrait photography throughout the state of Florida. We offer amazing quality work at a price that our clients - whether the parents of a high school senior wanting to capture the important moments of the time of their life or a couple pouring over the details of their upcoming wedding - can both afford and be completely happy with their investment.

A lot of people make photography out to be something mystical or enlightening - We simply look at a subject and ask how can we bring out the story in front of us. That's pretty much it - We are a visual storytellers...who happen to be affordable as well :-)


Wedding photography, as you know if you're reading this and in the process of planning a wedding, can be prohibitively expensive. This is especially true for folks who are having relatively short and intimate events with fewer than 100 guests. We provide coverage that focuses on families that don't have several thousand dollars to spend on great photography and don't want to be forced to pay a premium for small events. That being said, we will happily accommodate larger events as well. We include 6 hours of coverage, shared copyrights to the photos from the event and online hosting purchasing for prints should you chose to. You may add an album (30-Page coffee table style album that we custom design from images we select that tell the story of the day) OR an engagement session for $299. Adding both to your wedding package would bring the total to $1999...a $100 discount.

No videographer? We also throw in a video/image slideshow of the day's event with music - no extra charge. 


Portrait photography is our real expertise. As you'll note from the images of our clients throughout the website, we take the approach of capturing their personalities in a way that makes them shine - and tells the story of who they truly are. Our sessions last up to 2-hours, include multiple changes within that time frame to get different looks, include copyrights to images from the shoot, and will yield a minimum of 60 great images from the shoot. All images are delivered electronically within 24 hours of the session, and you'll also receive them on a disc.

Wedding photography is available throughout the state of Florida at the listed price point of $1499. Portrait photography incurs a travel fee for areas more than 100 miles from Gainesville, but even with the fee we are generally a less expensive alternative to local photographers who do not deliver the same high end feel and quality to the images and products.

Something to consider when choosing a Wedding Photographer

The reality is there are  a number of talented professional photographers in the area. One of the most important questions to ask yourself, particularly with weddings, is whether or not the photographer is someone you get along with and can work with you to tell your story. Unlike other wedding vendors, the photographer is with you, literally, all day long. Your photographer has to be someone you are completely comfortable with to capture moments no one else will see. A second consideration would be with regard to exactly what you are getting for your investment. This is both a question of quality and product - what EXACTLY am I paying for and why; these are things very important to consider.